This too shall pass!

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Well, Hello everyone!

I have no idea of what this piece is going to be, but as I write this piece, listening to a Bollywood evergreen melody mashup, on a late sunday evening, there is a lot going on my mind that i want to vent out, but something strange is holding me back.

Have you experienced such a situation, where you literally want to shout your lungs out about things that are bothering you, but are held back by some unknown feeling?

Have you ever been at a stage of life where you fairly have everything you wished for., a decent job, minimal but genuine people who love you, earning fair enough to live an independent life, but still feel like something holding you back?

Have you ever felt like running away to some faraway place alone, away from all the issues surrounding you, but you have enough reasons and responsibilities back here to take care of?

Have you ever cried out suddenly without a reason listening to a typical Bollywood melody song, where all the lyrics of that song suddenly makes sense to you, and you start relating your life to the situation?

Have you ever been to a social gathering with there are people gathered around you, discussing things, but you would be feeling all alone with all those chaos surrounding you?

Have you ever felt like hugging and crying out endlessly, when someone asks you whether or not you are alright, but for some reason hold yourself back because you have no idea from where to start explaining the reason of the outburst?

Have you ever felt like there is no point making someone understand a point, but at the same time, have no right avoiding them as well?

Have you ever felt like talking about all those things that are bothering you, but stop yourself, because you don’t want to lose them or look insecure?

Have you ever been at a stage where everyone expects you to be responsible and happy-going, been denied the right to let loose and have an outburst, when there is a storm of emotions building inside you, ready to explode?

Are you a part of such a complex emotion, where you have no idea of whats happening and what is the right emotion to display at that time?

If yes, then all i can say, is hold yourself with grace and patience and keep going because,

This too shall pass….


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