The power of AFFECTION.

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A term, that for some reason makes me emotional.

Now when I speak about me being emotional when the above term is mentioned, it does mean both the happy and sad emotions that are attached with the above mentioned term. In a nutshell, you feel sad when you didn’t receive enough of it, and you feel happy when you have enough of it.

Well we have always been taught that hard work, sincerity, passion etc., helps us grow in our respective lives, but no one ever told us that even after having all these values and being successful, you need someone to genuinely appreciate your achievements and being there on your lows, providing you all the affection and care that fuels you up to face the challenges ahead.

I might sound like a romantic freak right now, but I have actually experienced the differences with and without affection in my own life. All my life, I craved for a bit of genuine affection, which when unfulfilled hardened my soul up. All these years, i have felt the void of that particular affection. The void felt was so strong that my eyes start filling up with tears even when i get a bit of affection. Fortunately i had people who noticed this and helped me overcome it.

It’s never a bad thing to genuinely appreciate people for their little achievements and back them up in their lows often in their lives. It might be a simple and a frequent thing in your life, but there are a lot of unfortunate souls in this world who still crave for a bit of affection. You might not realise, but maybe your little bit of affection brightens their dark life and gives them confidence to face the darkness ahead.

They say that you realise the worth of something when you don’t have it, and I have learnt the importance of affection the hard way. I have been on the dark side and have felt that void when i had everyone around me but would still feel like missing out something. Trust me, the phase is so bad that i wouldn’t even wish my enemies to experience that!

Now that the world is a competition and everyone is busy being jealous of others and trying to get into their positions and people not having time to even sit down and actually talk, lets spread some positivity by encouraging people to do better and appreciating them for their achievements.

Let’s spread affection, because there are a lot of souls out there who need it badly.

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