Your story matters!

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We humans are known for variety., variety in appearance, mentality, decision-making ability etc.  So it is very obvious that this variety will also affect the life story of the person. But sadly, this obvious observation still invites surprised reactions and baseless judgments.

Humans are the most creative creation in this world. We have the ability to think, process, reason out our thinking and to finally make a decision. The decisions thus generated will differ from person to person because of different mindsets. The rest would either relate to it or disagree with it. But disagreeing and judging the person on the basis of that one single decision should not be happening around.

A person goes through different situations and environments, meets different people, all while growing up, and these somehow sculpts and moulds their personality. So, the way a person’s personality appears, always has a story leading to it.

Judging is basic human tendency, but your judgement shouldn’t physically, mentally or emotionally harass a person. It is easy to judge others but you never know the unexpected repercussions that come along with it. You also never know about what the other person is going through. Your harmless judgement can indirectly take a life away if the person is emotionally not strong enough, or it can even make someone slip into a phase of depression or even make the person lose their own self-confidence.

Everyone has a story, a story that has taught them certain things and helped them grow into whatever they are right now. Though that story might appear unimportant or way too easy for you, remember, that shaped them and they have dealt with it in their own little ways. These stories can either be extremely happy or tragic incidents, but they changed their lives, with each one being unique and beautiful in their own way.

Anyone reading this, you need not be a celebrity only to share your stories. I respect and appreciate your own little personal story. I also respect the way it has changed your life and i am sure that there are people out there who will do the same. So every-time you think that there is no one out there to listen to you, just remember, that there are so many people outside who are battling similar issues and also there are so many who have triumphed their way through it. So proudly embrace your story instead of being apologetic about it.

Your life is your own canvas, so paint it your way and make it your own masterpiece with your own little story being the inspiration behind it.

And yes, the next time you judge someone, imagine yourself getting judged by others.

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