I know what you did there!

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All was fine in my life and you walked into my life with a promising “forever” . You showered me with all the love and care that I was badly missing out. You made me fall and long for you. I was almost about to be completely immersed in you when you deserted me and left me shattered! I know what you did there.

I was still crazy for you, trying to reach out to you in every way possible because I wasn’t sure why you fled away, but you waved it off saying that its just work pressure and things will be normal soon. You indirectly made me feel the guiltier one by making it appear that I was being clingy or insecure. Well, now I know what you did there!

The bond was hanging on the edge of the bridge when I finally pressurized you to talk about the relationship, you say that it’s already over! Time, career, lifestyle, etc were framed as the reason for the alleged breakup while cleverly deviating from the main reason. Smart! But now, I know what you did there.

Limits were crossed when you bought out something from my past and blamed it on the breakup, while even you didn’t have a clean past, but I never bought it up. Everyone has a past, and if we start judging everyone on their past then almost everyone of us would be on the negative side!

“I know what you did in your past”, you said. Obviously you know, because I told it to you myself. I didn’t want our bond to bloom on any pillar of lie. But little did I know that is gonna be the end of this, but still this broken and shattered heart of mine asked, ” if you did know everything, then why did you pretend loving me? Why did you play with my emotions this long? Why did you get down on your knees to propose me? Why did you chase me till I said yes? You had the right of walking off after hearing my story, but why did you stay, gave me all the hopes and dreams of “forever ever after”, and ultimately broke up with me for the same reason?”  

Maybe I wasn’t that mature then to understand this masterstroke of yours, but now,

I know what you did there!

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  1. Rajesh says:

    Nice and it was with heartful feeling..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shittystuffs says:

      Thank you so much for your words of appreciation!


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