The “in(humans)” of our country!

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Hey everyone!

I am finally back after a really long period of time, and honestly, I didn’t want to raise this topic up, but by the alarming number of news articles being posted every single day,  I had to speak about it, as a human, in this humanity-scarce world.

What are all these news about rapes all around the country? It’s an alarming rate of incidents happening all around. Things are going down to such an extent that now pregnant goats are being raped! Are the people doing such stuffs even humans?

Lets get down to the very origin of this. Earlier the blame was on the clothes of the women; shorter the clothes, more prone are you to rapes. I was almost convinced by the reason when the Muslim Women’s Network, UK, revealed the number of calls they receive daily from fully clothed that are being raped. So yes, the amount and the length of clothing doesn’t initiate rapes. PERIOD.

Then came the idea that girls who smoke, drink or stay outside till late nights partying are the ones who get raped. Again I was almost about to be convinced by the reason when a 8-month old girl in Delhi shattered me into pieces. That girl wasn’t smoking, drinking or partying, infact , she wasnt even old enough to walk, forget understanding the concept of rape! What was she provoking you to rape her with? So yes, again, you having a vagina is enough to get you raped (because the goat too had a vagina).

After all these, came the theory of getting your girls married to avoid them from getting raped, but what about Marital Rape? Because most of the people don’t get this term right, let me help you get this right. “Sex” is a physical act performed by two or more CONSENTING adults whereas “Rape” is an act where you FORCE YOURSELF on someone without their consent.  Marital rape is thus a sexual act where you force yourself on your partner to have sex, which is clearly inhuman.

The reason why this hasn’t been a criminal offence yet is still a matter of surprise for me. Even countries like Russia have criminalized this! Marital rape is even worse than rape, because you have to wake up the next day and make breakfast for your rapist and pretend as if everything is okay!

So, I have drawn a conclusion that you just need a vagina to get raped in this world, because people these days have turned inhuman where the can’t just control their urges and they don’t care about “consent”.

We express our anger through social media platforms on such issues, but we all again deviate from the point and somehow start blaming the victim for this instead of supporting or lifting their spirits up or even standing up for them infront of the world There is media and politicians at her place comforting them when they should actually be hunting down the rapist and making sure that they get the punishment they deserve.

Also, we women should stop perceiving ourselves as the weaker sex. If we can push out babies out of our vaginas, then I believe we can also fight those who try messing around with us. If we give birth to people, then we also have the power to push them out of our paths if they try messing with us.

Ladies, you all are way more powerful than what the world perceives you to be, so adjust your crowns, help each other rise, and stand up for every injustice that comes your way!

#rapeissues #rape #strongwomen #stopraping




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