My Internship Diary.

Hello everyone !

I am finally back here after a really long time, and yes, as expected, I am gonna share my entire internship journey here.

But first, lemme tell you all something. Like everyone else, I too was a bit nervous and scared as to how the office hiring me would be, and how they would treat me. But the office “Retale Design Solutions, Bangalore” broke all those scary myths like bursting a bubble.

I was welcomed warmly with a brainstorming session for the graphic designing team with our ideas being given equal importance. Then we were slowly introduced to our works with the seniors being ready to help us with every little detail.

The office had more like a homely atmosphere, where your health and food are also taken care of. I never expected my office to be worried about my health or be concerned about what kind of food I should eat and avoid when I ain’t feeling well.

My office consisted of foodies, just making me even more comfortable with them. Food festivals and food gatherings were never given a miss by us. They kept trying us new cuisines every now and then.

A food festival gathering

Though work was the priority in the office, yet there always was a reason to celebrate. Be it work anniversary, birthday, farewell etc, everything was given a priority to celebrate.

Birthdays (2)
Work anniversaries

Lastly all I can say is my internship was actually a bed of roses with the thorns also being a part of the journey. The mistakes were a part of the learning process. The achievements were the icing on the cake. I will always be grateful to all my office seniors and colleagues for bearing me with patience and always being there, ready to help me out of any problem i faced at work or outside the work environment. I have already started missing office and all you people badly.

P.s- Sharing pictures of my farewell below.

Farewell cake
Farewell lunch

It has been an amazing journey with everyone at the office. Thank you for giving me bag- full of memories and making the journey so easy and enjoyable for me.

You people are the best. Keep doing your best everyone.

Signing off,


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