Restyle and Reuse

Hey guys!

Hope everyone are doing all fine! Sorry for not being able to frequently update the blog.

From today, I will also introduce FASHION BLOGGING stuffs here, and will also try blogging more often.

So as this is my first try at Fashion blogging, I am starting the blog with some DIY Restyle and Reuse hacks.

I bought 3 formal shirts some 3-4 years ago, just to realize that those were the kind of shirts that don’t actually suit me well. They were lying in the closet since a long time when I finally came across a YouTube video that gave ideas how to recycle these shirts into something trendy. So I tried them all out to actually arrive at a beautiful transformation. Check the transformations below.

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  • Pull the hands of the shirt inside and start wrapping the shirt around your body.
  • Start buttoning the shirt from where it feels tight and comfortable enough for you.
  • Tuck in any excess fabric popping out around the bosom.
  • Detail the look with a contrasting belt at either the bosom or the waist.
  • You can also accessorize it with a choker and style the look with a neat high ponytail.



  • Wrap the shirt around your body without tucking the hands inside and button it downwards.
  • Now take the left hand to the right side and secure it with a safety pin.
  • Take the right hand to the left side and again secure it.
  • Tuck in any excess fabric popping out under the hands of the shirt.
  • Accessorize the look with a choker and long straight hair.



  • This is my personal favorite look that takes you hardly 2 minutes to complete.
  • Wear the shirt as you would normally, but by taking out one hand of the shirt.
  • Now arrange the loose hand of the shirt by pulling it inwards into the shirt.
  • Tuck the collar and any excess fabric peeping out inside the shirt .
  • Accessorize the look with a choker and with a chunky hairstyle.

So these were the reusing methods that I tried out in my first attempt, and I believe that you people do have even better ideas. do post your suggestions and feedbacks and if possible, your ideas of reusing old clothes in the comment box below.

Waiting eagerly for all your suggestion guys. Till then, Goodbye.

#fashion_blogging #diy #restyle


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