It’s good to be a “BAD GIRL”

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“BAD GIRL”, a scurrilous term used by the society to bring down a girl’s image easily. It’s just as easy as buying something from a local market. A term that supposedly damages the reputation, respect and sometimes the very being of a girl. A term that somehow modifies and changes the lifestyle that the girl leads.

But there is one point that has to be notified, i.e., the above mentioned term can not affect you until and unless, you allow yourself to be affected by it, destroyed by it, and ultimately be completely ruined by it.

To know the level of damage the above term can make on you, we need to point out the certain activities that make you fall under the category. Some of the very common activities are listed below.

  • Hanging around more with boys.
  • Wearing short, exposing or fitting clothes.
  • Boozing and smoking.
  • Partying till the wee hours.
  • Returning late to the house.
  • Wearing too much of makeup.
  • Basically doing anything that your heart wants.

Now that most of us fall into the above category or term, its time to sit back and think, ” Does it really matter falling into the category?” Do we actually need to live up in our personal lives to these expectations? Do we need to blindly work on someone else’s plans while listening to our heart?

Isn’t life too short to be living on someone else’s terms? if yes, why not be the badass instead? Why not carry the “bad girl” image with pride?

Picture Reference – Google

Why not live this short life on our own terms, make mistakes, learn from them? After all our life is our canvas and we have all the right to paint it as we want it. It’s our masterpiece after all.

Hey YOU!, yes you who is reading this, You are beautiful and unique, just the way you are. You don’t need anyone’s approval to lead a life that is completely yours with you being the sole one responsible for it. It’s time to let go of all those criticisms behind or extract positivity from all of them. It’s time to live your heart out, to enjoy the very existence of yours and carry that “BAD GIRL” image with the utmost pride.

Let’s be the BAD GIRL!!

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  1. Hey.your article is so cool!:)

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    1. shittystuffs says:

      Thank you so much. I hope the upcoming posts will be more cool than this


      1. yeah,oh,may i ask where are you from?

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      2. shittystuffs says:

        I am from INDIA. Where do you belong to?


      3. em China,but i know our country have some problems,but we peoples could be friend right?☺

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  2. yeah,nice to meet you

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