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Hello everyone.

There are times when we all go back to the past, drool over all the memories and yes try to find out what went wrong with all those relationships that we had.

I was doing the same, drooling over my past relationships, thinking about what went wrong with them. And I came to one single conclusion at the end of the day.

All I ever wanted from all these relationships ever was a piece of RESPECT that I never got any.

As they say, all you need is love to sustain a relationship, is absolutely bullshit. But let me throw light on every such beleiver.., no relationship can ever sustain without respect in it.

Respect, an emotion that in itself carries all the other emotions in it. Respect develops love, care, trust and every other emotion in this whole wide world.

I have been bought up in a family where I was taught to do all my things myself without depending upon anyone. I have been taught to be independent from the very beginning and I don’t think it’s bad to be one.

I like doing my things myself, not depending upon anyone, not putting myself into anyone’s private space, and handling my emotions alone.

Relationships, for me, actually kept me tied up. The very word meant limitations for me. Being in a relationship meant like keeping a log chart for all the 24hours of the day, with an additional list of the names and informations of the people I met.

I am a person who doesn’t like meeting their partners quite often. I love being with my friends chilling rather than being romantically involved in some place. I want the guy to be more like my friend to know me better and most importantly respect me and my space. Is it TOO MUCH to ask for?

People advised me that I keep the same conditions intact, I won’t get a guy. Is it really too difficult to get a guy who respects you? Bullshit.

And guys, just like you don’t like when I poke my nose into all those parties with your confined friends, the same goes with me. I don’t like it when you poke yourself into my confined space. Is it again TOO MUCH that I am asking for?

And what is all those everyday late night phone talks about nothing? Dude seriously? I believe we are all grown up and have work the next day and so we need our sleep. Well I appreciate the effort of calling up once or twice a day to enquire about each other’s day progress but those late night talks about nothing at all obviously pisses me off. I mean what’s the point of talking when we both are tired AF and have nothing to talk? Can’t we just say a simple goodnight and go to sleep instead? Am I again asking for TOO MUCH now?

Lastly, just think, that how do you feel when someone disrespects you. It hurts right? Imagine me trying to build up a whole relationship with that disrespect. Can you now see the importance of that emotion. I hope you all do. And again here, am I asking for TOO MUCH here?

I still wonder that will I ever get a guy who genuinely respects me for what I am or will I end up with assholes everytime leading me to disrespect the very term “relationship”.

All I ever want is RESPECT, and is that still TOO MUCH I am asking for?

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  1. Chandan says:

    Hey priyanaka
    Ur blogs are too good
    Myself just4fun of insta
    A followers of ur everythng as i like everythng😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. shittystuffs says:

      thank you so much for your loyalty and appreciation.


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