File no- 595

Dr Mathews finally arrived and took the file and a coffee and went staight to his cabin. Adjusting the table light, he started reading the file. The file was numbered as “File no- 595 ” and was of a mentally challenged girl Aarti.

2 years ago.

Aarti was going through her wedding jewellery, when she got a mail pop-up. Her eyes lightened up when she went through the mail contents. It was a letter confirming her eligible for admission into one of the most reputed and her dream fashion designing college. Her smile knew no bounds when she picked up her phone to inform the news to Ajay, her fiancee. The phone was ringing on the other side, but there was no response. She couldn’t tell anyone about it because she came from a family that doesn’t support higher education for girls.

After a few days, she met Ajay, and just when she was about to break the news, she was interrupted by the his strong passionate vibes. Though she didn’t like it, still she never had the guts to refuse it. Aarti tried breaking this news quite a few times to Ajay but was always interrupted by some or the other thing.

FInally the day arrived. She was getting married. Though she pretended to be happy on the outside, but was still burdened by the admission deadlines. It took her a lot of hardwork to finally be eligible for the admission and she didnt want to lose it at any cost. She knew that her parents would never alow for the admission, but she had immense hope in Ajay.

She reached the mandap. Akash very lovingly took her hand and they sat besides each other. Gasping the right moment, she broke the news to Ajay. He suggested the idea of talking about the topic later. Aarti had no other choice than agreeing to him.

Once the wedding was over, Aarti’s admission was taken up as a serious issue in her in-laws place. She was frequently harassed both physically and mentally not to tak about the topic ever again.

She finally filed her admission one day and was about to go for the interview. When Ajay got to know about this, he replaced Aarti’s design presentation with some very absurd and obectionable pictures. When she played the presentation, she was rejected admission and made sure that she can never ever apply again for an interview. Aarti was so badly offended that she lost her mental capability and was admitted to a mental hospital.

7 months back

Dr Mmathews got a way to treat her. He took some fashion magazines and gave her the assignment to pick out better suggestions for those clothes. This went on for a few weeks and she showed visible improvements. Her mind starting getting close to normal, and very soon she was normal. Dr Mathews played her constant support in this journey and unknowingly, he fell in love with her. He mailed her designs to every design agency he could. But due to what happened on the presentation day, no one was ready to welcone her. He decided to confront Aarti on this, and to his surprise, she already was planning to venture her own design line and asked him for his support.

Then began a new journey, Though Aarti’s business did not earn much in the beginning, but then it reaped huge profits. She divorced her husband and completely focussed in her venture.

Present day

Aarti is now of the leading designers in the country with Dr Mathews as her support. Though they both got feelings for each other, still they wont speak about it, because they both love the way their relationship is currently, an unexplainable relationship. Meanwhile “file no 595″ was forever fogotten.

P.s- if you genuinely want something, then acccept all the restrictions that comes with it. Bend in front of the restrictions but never break. your goal may seem far, but not impossible. All you gotta do is keep going.

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