Its okay to have a TRANSFORMATION.

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TRANSFORMATION, a word, i guess everyone can connect to, relate to, and also get reminded of the reasons that led to it.

Every single person undergoes transformation, be it natural or forced. The results of the process can be either positive or negative or even a mixture of both. But the most beautiful thing about the whole process is, thst the person undrgoing it learns hell-loads of stuffs. Those learnings helps paving our way in the future.

Natural transformations are the predecided steps by the creator in making us mature, though i strongly beleive that forced transformations also are  indirectly predecided steps to help us face the harsh wide world.

I strongly beleive that more the amount of hardship we face in our lives, better is the transformation. For example, generally a person born into a middle class family is emotionally more strong than a person born into a rich family.

Every person faces hardships and backlashes in their lives, which might seem easy to others, but the person facing it knows the struggles. Transformation starts at the point when they learn to solve a problem. The way adapted by the person in this situation leads to the type of transformation accordingly.

Its not advisable to judge anyone on the basis of their transformations without knowing and understanding the proper reasons leading to it. Some people are forced by the surrounding conditions to transform drastically, but trust me, they didn’t even aimed or dreamt of it.

Some transformations may seem bitter to us in the beginning, but then we realise that it was probably the best decision we ever took in life so far. These kind of transformations makes us emotionally and mentally more stronger than before. Some examples of theses tranformations can be listed as follows

  • Not caring about what the world or society says, afterall we arent here to impress everyone.
  • Not caring about the age old superstitions or bad beliefs and living life on our own terms.
  • Interacting with people on the basis of the mentality they have, to avoid further unnecessary arguments etc.

Transformations are both magical and unpredictable, they can lead us to both good and bad results, sometimes even both, but the way we react to it builds and defines us. Sometimes the people around you may not like the transformed you, but then whether you decide to carry it on despite all odds, or, again change yourself to suit the needs of the people around you, defines you acccordingly.

Though i personally believe that the core to happiness stongly lies in not regretting anything that happened in life. Be as proud as you are to face your acheivements, to face your failures. reason being, no one is born perfect, everyone is learning and the learning process varies from person to person.

P.S- Embrace the beautiful mess you are, with pride and honour, and not with even a drop of regret in mind.

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