Dad, I wanna be an ACTRESS!

She was in her early twenties,blooming and so full of life. All her life, she dreamt of becoming an actress, an excellent one. But her only mistake was being born in a family who are all against this idea.

Maybe she got it in her genes, or acquired it with her growing age, whatever the case may be, she was totally dedicated with all her mind and soul.

She came from a small town that denied her of all the bare necessities of helping her transform her dream into reality. But that didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams. She watched different kind of movies, took up acting tutorials from the internet,acted in front of the mirror to have a check on her emotions, secretly applied in local auditions, but somehow she couldn’t make through it.

Disappointments, as they say are always a part of a person’s success path. All she needed at that point of time was some moral and emotional support. So expecting her parents to support her, she decided to reveal her secret passions to them. Afterall she had seen her father greatly adoring and admiring film actresses all through her ages of growing up.

One saturday evening, she decided to speak out when her father was watching his favourite movie on the TV. Just when her father was heaping praises on the lead actress, she said ” Dad, dont you want your daughter to become like her someday?” Her dad laughed away the question like always.

She then revealed of all her detailed secrets, her audition trips, her pracctice sessions and everything else. The reaction that came after that was quite unexpected to her.

Her father instead of being happy was furious. He was furious about her career choice when he himself admires ladies established in that profession. He further added that the profession was a dark,untamed and a rather unpleasant place to build a career.

” Every profession has its good and bad side and we are no one to judge them in any way.    And how can you try to show down the same profession when you admire the very            people involved in it?” She tried to explain the above lines to her father but that only resulted in her father asking her that how dare she raise a question on him.

Then disappointed, she made up a decision, that she would be pursuing her passions secretly without anyone’s knowledge. She moved to a nearby city for her higher studies. Little did anyone know that moving there was a part of her plan.

She enrolled herself in the dramatics society of her college, gave more auditions, made her professional resume, applied in reputed areas of interest and thus began her struggle.

Looking back, she realised, that hadn’t her dad not agreed to support her, she would have never moved to another city, hadn’t ever faced the struggles and would have never faced disappointment which actually acted as a fuel in shaping her and making her ready for the future.

Her father on the other hand, is still reluctant on her decisions. He still thinks that the profession is a dark one and is not meant for people with class. She stopped explaining him about the pros of the industry and rather chose to somehow prove her thoughts with her actions and acheivements someday. I wish her all the success in life and hope that she acheives everything she wants.

Lastly, i would like to add a line here… ” No profession is good or bad. Every profession has its good and bad side. your profession never defined you as much as your decisions made in them did.




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