The hush-hush thing

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Okay, I won’t give an introduction as I always do, rather I will come straight to the topic. The topic for today is “virginity”.

The reason why I came straight to the word is because I have seen people giving indirect hints to the topic. They give weird gestures and use weird words to describe “virginity”.

Words like “sex” and “virginity” are such a taboo in this developing country that it sometimes makes me think that “is India really developing as a country”?

We may house the world’s third largest army,we may have variance in terms of culture in our country, we may have reached the moon, we may be having an emerging number of doctors, engineers and scientists, but still we lack in changing the mentality of the majority here.

Let’s come back to the “hush-hush”thing. Being a girl here is a huge challenge in itself. You got your certain dos and donts that qualify and categorise you as a good or a bad girl respectively. In a world where we preach about gender equality,these preaches are somehow confided in themselves. I haven’t yet seen a family or individual actually practicing the gender equality thing.

Being a girl you are being judged here the whole time. If you go out for parties, you smoke and drink, you wear short dresses, you have more male friends then you are the so called “slut” in the society. Sometimes it just makes me wonder as to who created these categories!!!.

Objectifying women is a way old custom here. You are categorised as “maal”,”chikni”,”tota”, “cheez” and the list continues…. The Indian film industry also leaves no stone unturned to fill in this category. Films come up with songs like “Sheila ki jawani”, “munni badnaam”, tu cheez badi hai maast maast” and so on. And the most surprising thing is that the girls here love this categorisation of themselves i.e.,they love being called “maal” and “cheez”! Well girls you are way more elegant and eligible to be categorised into something.

The typical indian families are a big example of how gender inequality is commonly practiced. A girl in an Indian family has to learn how to cook and do the dishes and the boys are to be served. On being asked the most common reply would be ” the males earn so they don’t work” ,but the very same Indian family has brides who earn and work. How appropriate is the logic here?

The next big thing here is “sex”. A girl who has had sex is termed as “characterless”. Now I really wanna ask this question to everyone who is reading this. “Why is a girl who has had sex is termed as characterless?”. This thing even goes all the way to marriage. I have seen marriage proposals being broken because the girl’s a non-virgin. Like seriously??? Does virginity matter??

We always have learnt and have got a basic idea that a marriage can only last longer if the couple’s compatible with each other. So don’t you think it’s more important to focus on the your compatibility rather than worrying about the goddam virginity of the girl?

I asked a certain person about this virginity issue and the answer was epic. He said ” how can I marry a girl who has had sex before? I mean what about my ego? I want a purely virgin girl so that I can proudly, as a man, take her virginity”.I obviously had no patience to explain and clarify a person with such a narrow mentality, so I wished him luck for his virgin bride.

P.s- If everyone here is upto marrying non-virgin girls, then who the hell will marry the girls that you boys raped or had physical relationship with! Ever wondered????Give it a thought boys.

Apart from all these, if we ever get raped, then the fault is ours. We got raped because we put on makeup, because the length of our dresses were short, because we were returning late, because we didn’t had boys accompanying us and last but not the least we end up being called the “victims” and in the Indian society, no one bloody marries a “rape victim”.

To all those girls who do connect themselves with this thing, remember you all are AMAZING and no one has the fucking right to categorise you into any bloody category. And to all those parents reading this, before you teach your girl to stay safe and not get raped, teach your boy NOT TO RAPE.

This is a frustrated write-up and i hope it does connect with everyone who reads this…

Thank you…

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  1. Shshank says:

    The whole persona of a human being is made of different things, the perceptions, values, ethics and traits that has one inculcate through wisdom, education and family, and yes through the experience of life too, but to say or termed anyone in a shelf in a boundary of one aspect of the same is like a half baked practice in cooking, you would never discover the complete utility it has, now if we talk about sexual choices, preferences, or even desires I don’t think if it makes anyone a bad, wrong, characterless, or polygamous, it’s just a basic human need that we all want to satisfy, and I seriously believe that human character cannot be that tiny that it falls between out legs.

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    1. shittystuffs says:

      I feel the same too…..


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