A surpassing day

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This girl, in her early twenties, done with all the catchy and copied pickup lines from her admirers was somewhere looking for a genuine connect. She wondered if anyone could ever connect with her inner vibes with the same frequency as hers.

She was this freegoing, extrovert. She kept making new friends, talking to new people online and knowing their lives.

One fine day, she found the profile of a guy. The profile was intresting enough to make her initiate a conversation with him. He replied back with equal frequency and there started this routine of having daily conversations with each other.

They connected so well that they shared everything with each other. He became her friend with whom she can confide all her secrets. Whenever she needed any advice, she knew she has someone who will give her the right advice without judging her.

Though they stayed 30kms apart and they frequently travelled to each other’s cities, they could never meet. Work and committments being the priorities, they kept on planning and hoped to meet someday.

One fine day he decided to surprise her with a sudden plan of meeting. They planned out everything and hopefully everything fell into places.

As they both were dreamers, their plans of spending an entire day with each other was a dreamy affair. They both let their hair down, cut themselves off from the outside world just to give enough time to themselves.

They laughed,they talked,they pampered each other in the best way possible. Just when they thought that the day is gonna end soon, they decided to finish it off with yet another dreamy arrangement. They sat down in the balcony, cuddled up in a blanket, gazing at the stars and with beer in their hands. The moment seemed phenomenal. The mood, the tipsyness and the drunken talks just added up the whole mood. They realised that they are soon gonna miss each and every moment they spent together and the day is soon gonna get over.

Time and tide waits for none…. The day ended. Both of them had to return to their respective lives. They parted, not with a heavy heart but with a refreshed mind and a with a promise to meet again sooner.

They both weren’t a couple, they didn’t love each other, nor did they have any plans of dating each other, but as they say there are some unexplainable relationships in this world. Their bonding cannot be fitted into any category of relationship that the world has.

Hope they meet again and have yet another dreamy affair that they both cherish forever.
P.s- Stay safe while meeting people online. Try knowing the person very well before  meeting them. Stay safe and meet the right people.

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